Welcome to Classic MO Designs of Joplin, Missouri

You've found Classic MO Designs! And that means you must be looking for someone to make a website for you. In this day and age it's common for a business to have an Internet presence even if it's just a one page informational site telling potential customers a little about their services. Classic MO Designs specializes in small informational websites. Classic MO Designs doesn't design websites that require an e-cart for selling on the site, but instead, presents your business on a website that is responsive, attractive, and informational.

Websites should be responsive on any device. There's a good chance you've gone to a website on your phone and had to enlarge the pages because the website wasn't responsive. Responsive websites appear attractively on all devices from a small Blackberry phone to a large screen desk top computer and everything in between. In fact, Google is not promoting websites that aren't responsive (mobile friendly) any longer. It's important for people to find you on the web and we must make Google happy!

Attractive websites aren't a must, but how many times have you landed on a website and thought, "Wow, this is ugly and really hard to navigate!" Classic MO Designs refuses to make ugly websites. Even if you request a site using turquoise, purple and orange, Classic MO Designs will incorporate those colors into a beautiful website that is easy to navigate and a pleasure for your customers.

An informational website can include picture galleries, images of single products and product descriptions, a map showing your customers how to find you, information about your company, your phone number, and contact information. Your company can have as many pages as you wish. You are in charge of whatever content you wish your audience to see.

Classic MO Designs can take the photos you capture and edit them to be lovely even if they aren't that great. Please take look at the Photo Editing section for examples of pictures that were less than stellar that became quite attractive.

There are several different formats from which you can choose for your website including single page websites, single column websites, to multi-column websites. Please take a look at General Information where, oddly enough, you will see some general information about website choices, links to different page templates and base prices for designing your website.

Should you care to know more about Classic MO Designs take a look at the About Us page and of course there is a Contact page available to you.
Classic MO Design treats every website like it was being made for a family member.

Thank you for stopping by and let us know if we can assist you with your new website.